Trump: Get Your Tiny Hands Off Our Abortion Rights

Since I last blogged, the world has changed. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the leader of the free world is now a psychopathic toddler who despises anyone that isn’t a white man. Honestly I haven’t written about it because I reached peak Trump. I had post-traumatic Trump disorder. I see his smug Dorito face when I try to get to sleep at night and I dream about him throwing a strop and starting WW3. I have spent many hours thinking about how it is only a matter of time until he pulls a Kim Jong-Il and tells the media he doesn’t urinate or defecate, can control the weather using his mind, and invented the hamburger. The man, quite frankly, is possibly the biggest cunt to every walk the earth, but we knew that already.


Yesterday his move to dehumanise and destroy women stepped up a notch.  From The Washington Post: ‘[Planned Parenthood] stands to lose about 30 percent of their funding under a provision in the GOP health-care bill to block it from getting Medicaid reimbursements for one year unless its hundreds of clinics stop offering abortions.

 But conservatives say no abortion provider should get Medicaid reimbursements, even for health services such as cancer screenings and birth control, arguing that the money is all fungible.

“[The health-care bill] will do what is right by stopping taxpayer funding for abortions and refocusing Medicaid on those who most need it,” said House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

I don’t even know where to start with this. I’m angry, I’m so angry, and I don’t get angry often. I’m angrier than I was when Geri left the Spice Girls, and that is saying something (#neverforget #ungratefulcow #ruined1998).


I don’t live in America, and thank god. I’d be into it for the Gilmore Girls and diners and being able to see Jake Gyllenhaal at Whole Foods, but I want to be able to have an abortion whenever I choose. I know plenty of people that do live there, including young women, and I am raging on their behalf.

I don’t think it’s possible to overstate the importance of abortion. I’ve never had one but that is down to a combination of the kind of anxiety that means you never take chances, and pure luck. People take their pills perfectly and get pregnant all the time. Had I got pregnant between the ages of 14-25, I would have had an abortion. It wouldn’t have even been up for discussion. It would have made my life so much more difficult and any child would have suffered because of it.

women deserve

Here’s what abortions have done for people I know: enabled them to have a career. Allowed them to move away from toxic boyfriends and settle down with the love of their lives. Saved them, mentally and physically. Given them the chance to raise a family when they were ready, many years later, with no regret and disappointment aimed at their kids, but just love and happiness. Pregnancy can be a wonderful thing but it has also been a way to drag women down, to hold them back, to make their lives smaller, since the beginning of time. Abortions give women the opportunity to decide for themselves what kind of life they want, which is an option that has only recently become available to us: and now that greasy orange fucker is trying to take it away again.


The GOP bill is going to cut funding for cancer screening and birth control too. Not only does Trump want to deny women access to abortions, but he wants them to get pregnant repeatedly and give birth to a whole bunch of kids they don’t want. He hates women so much that he would rather they get cancer than have the opportunity to have authority over their own lives. In the UK, I had a cancer screening at free a clinic, and it probably saved my life. Women will likely die because of this bill, and not just because of cancer, but because their mental or physical health could be destroyed by having a baby.


It was painfully clear that things were going to get messed up, and Donald ‘Pussy Grabber’ Trump is only just getting started.  Being all the way across the ocean and watching it happen is like seeing a car crash in slow motion and it’s hard to know how to help. is a great site that you can donate to and it keeps you up-to-date with what’s happening in America. I guess the other thing is to not give up and go quietly, wherever you live. Tweet that stupid, angry little man. Tell him he’s wrong. Ask him over and over again how he manages to type his idiotic tweets with such tiny hands, ask him if he has to drink out of a thimble like The Borrowers. Go on marches, support the cause, read about it, make sure this shit doesn’t happen where we live. And finally, show this picture to everyone.

trump pic




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