Taking Down ’15 Reasons Why I’m Not A Feminist’

So there’s a woman in America (where else) called Anna Senneff who believes that ‘third wave of feminism has gone too far’. She’s sick of Hillary Clinton running her mouth off about unnecessary and trivial things like, umm….’women’s issues’ and all that bollocks. Probably something about periods and vaginas, amirite? So Senneff wrote a list of 15 reasons why she isn’t a feminist. And because I’m a writer aka I’m basically unemployed, I am going to spend my Tuesday afternoon TAKING HER DOWN. Enjoy.


  1. Because I think that despite men having a more privileged role historically, men’s rights and issues are something we can’t ignore.

Men’s rights aren’t ignored. That is the whole bloody point *claws own face off with rage*. I will literally go to my grave chanting ‘feminism is about EQUALITY’.

  1. Because I don’t want to identify with a cause that has built its foundation on the idea that as a woman, I am a victim.

You don’t have to identify as a victim if you aren’t one; aren’t you lucky?! But many women are victims, of domestic abuse, misogyny, and wage gaps. We can identify as whatever we want, thanks to that there feminism.

  1. Because I don’t think I can affect real, lasting change while holding on to a victim complex and internalizing the idea that in this day and age, I am inherently disadvantaged everywhere I go and in everything I do.

But most of us are. It’s harder for us to get a good wage, to get promotions, to work in certain industries. The only way I’d manage to get into the film industry is by clinging onto Leo DiCaprio’s leg. Which is likely to happen anyway.

  1. Because I don’t think trivial things like “cat-calling” and “slut-shaming” should be considered legitimate social issues.

When was the last time you saw a man dressed smartly for work, head down, walking past a building site then getting a barrage of comments off leery, beer-bellied louts shouting about his nice arse and ‘give us a shag darlin!’. Precisely never. Cat-calling and slut-shaming make people feel like shit- scared, worthless, embarrassed. It’s real and it’s important.


  1. Because I think that young boys being abducted and forced to fight as child soldiers in Africa are equally as important as young girls being forced into arranged marriages in the Middle East.

No feminist in the world would try to tell you one is more important than the other. It isn’t either/or.

  1. Because I’m pro-life.

It’s probably best we don’t get into this one because I will bore the crap out of everyone with 5,000 words about why this enrages me. Suffice to say, women’s bodies belong to them and they can do what they want with them.

  1. Because men and women are, in fact, very different, and “equal” doesn’t mean “identical.”

We get that. We even like a lot of the differences. I for one don’t wish to have a hairy chest or to be so obsessed with Fifa that I cut off all human contact. We don’t want to be identical in all terms; what woman wants to grow a ballsack? We just want equal rights.

  1. Because I know the textbook definition of the word feminism, but rarely do I see it being lived out.

Surely that’s why we need it then? Duh. I see it all the time though. Loads of my friends live and breathe feminism, while breaking down boundaries and kicking arse.

  1. Because it is wrong for me to claim that I am among the disadvantaged party in an advanced, affluent, first-world nation and to push for more privilege for myself.

It isn’t wrong at all. You can push for privilege for all areas of society. It’s called intersectional feminism.

  1. Because I won’t be told that I’m being mistreated and oppressed, when I’m not.

Congratu-fucking-lations! You might not be, but plenty of others are. Think about them.

  1. Because this is the 21st century. Equality exists in this country, and women have taken advantage of it. I am grateful for the rights that historical feminism has granted me, but it’s run its course.

Ok, so I may spend more time on the Daily Mail sidebar of shame than BBC news, but even I know women haven’t caught up to men yet in lots of areas. Statistics on the pay gap are released all the time. I recommend a little less time viewing pictures of Lindsey Lohan’s drunk, bald vagina, and more time on current affairs.

  1. Because I won’t perpetuate gender inequality by pretending it’s still as big of an issue as it was a hundred years ago.

Things are different now. We can vote, and go out to work, and all sorts. But that doesn’t mean it’s over.

  1. Because I shouldn’t have to constantly justify my decision to not identify as a feminist, and be insulted and looked down upon as a result.

I do look down on people who aren’t feminists, because to me that’s an unenlightened and small minded view. It’s like finding out someone really likes the band The 1975- I feel a mixture of confusion and pity. You seem pretty happy to take feminists down, can we not respond?

  1. Because we can’t afford to divide the fight for social justice and equality on a basis of gender.

Ummm….eh? You what? Why not? You know people can fight for more than one thing right? Like I’m really into causes like rescue dogs, breast cancer, and homelessness. I can support all three, because I’m MAGIC.

  1. Because injustice is something that reaches much, much further than male and female.

In some cases yes. In other cases, entire societies are built around dragging women down and keeping them down. There are other battles to be won, but equality between men and women still has to be on our radar. It’s because of feminism that me and you are basically allowed to call each other dicks on the internet without fear of retribution. And I think we can all agree that’s something worth fighting for.
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2 responses to “Taking Down ’15 Reasons Why I’m Not A Feminist’

  1. Reblogged this on Sonsiekat and commented:
    I encounter number 10 a lot. Oft used by people who talk of women “playing the victim card”, as if structural oppression were akin to a game of Snap.

  2. Ugh. Women like Anna Senneff make me want to bang my head against the nearest hard surface. I do hope you share this with her! 🙂

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