Welcome to my new blog! Probably best to leave if you’re squeamish or easily offended (boring). Recently I’ve been reading a lot of books by brilliant, angry women who were struggling to survive 100 years ago in a man’s world. And it got me thinking…I wonder how the internet has changed things for women my age? What do we use it for? Are sex blogs the new hideously self indulgent memoirs of old? Aside from social networking, it seems the biggest presence of young women is in porn and fashion blogs. And whilst both are delightful in their own way, aren’t they just a bit…obvious? I’ve been wondering where the freaks go, the losers and the fetishists, the greedy, the geeky, the obsessive and the downright crackers. I’ve always been the sort to see something disturbing on a website and to follow it and read about it for hours until I’ve indulged my love of the macabre,and felt slightly nauseous. So I’m off to find out what really weird shit 24 year old women get up to online. Everyone loves reading about nutters on the internet, although some of us take it too far. I’m going to do that so that you don’t have to. Wish me luck.


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